Dental service in grande prairie
Gateway Dentistry Group

Emergency Dentistry in Grande Prairie, AB

Dental service in grande prairie
Gateway Dentistry Group

Emergency Dentistry in Grande Prairie, AB

Emergency Dentistry Near You

While we don’t expect it, dental emergencies can happen at any moment. Whether you break your tooth biting into something hard or get hit in the face while engaging in sports, you must have an emergency dentist near you that you can trust. At Gateway Dentistry Group, we are proud to offer emergency dentistry in Grande Prairie, AB, so that you can rest assured that you will get the care you deserve, no matter when a dental emergency occurs.

What is a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies can present in many different ways, but it can be challenging to discern what really counts as an emergency. In essence, anything that is causing you significant levels of discomfort and pain should be thought of as a dental emergency. Here are some examples of common dental emergencies:

  • A broken jaw
  • A laceration on your lips, inner cheeks, or tongue
  • A severe toothache
  • A lost dental restoration
  • A fractured or broken tooth

When you visit Gateway Dentistry Group seeking emergency dentistry in Grande Prairie, AB, you can trust that our dental team will work hard to calmly and efficiently address any form of dental emergency you may be dealing with.

emergency dentistry near you

What Treatments Are Available for Dental Emergencies?

When you come into our dental clinic with a dental emergency, the first thing our dentist will do is examine your trauma or injuries to determine the extent and cause of the problem. Each dental emergency and patient is unique, and therefore the treatment options vary. Here are some of the most commonly used dental treatments for our most often seen dental emergencies:

  • Fillings: when patients come into our clinic with a lost dental restoration such as filling, the answer is often as simple as replacing the filling with new material.
  • Dental crowns: if you have a broken or fractured tooth, our dentist may be able to restore your tooth with the help of a dental crown.
  • Root canal therapy: if you have a serious toothache, it may be due to an infection that requires a root canal. Root canal therapy involves our dentist removing the infected tissue from the center of your tooth to prevent it from dying.
  • Laceration repair: if you have a deep cut in or around your mouth, our dentist will disinfect your mouth and suture the affected area. We will also provide you with antibiotics and painkillers to assist with healing. 

Looking for an Emergency Dentist Near You?

Our team at Gateway Dentistry Group is proud to offer our patients access to emergency dentistry in Grande Prairie, AB. If you ever find yourself in the midst of a dental emergency, please do not hesitate to visit us.