Cosmetic Dentistry for Black Holes/ Triangle Closures

Cosmetic Dentistry for Teeth Gaps or Black Holes/ Triangle Closures
While cosmetic dentistry services are becoming more and more popular as a means of adjusting our appearance, these kinds of treatments remain a good option if you’re looking to repair and support your teeth. Oral health is an important aspect of our overall health, as our body’s systems all work together to keep us healthy and well. That said, if receiving cosmetic dentistry near you is something you’re interested in, contact our dental clinic today.

What are Black Holes/ Triangle Closures?

Black holes or triangles closures are two terms that refer to gaps in between teeth. These “black holes” form when your gums start to recede, leaving an unnatural space between your teeth and gum line. Bone loss, weakened bones due to aging, and the shifting of teeth can cause this. Additionally, some of us have square-shaped teeth and some of us have triangle-shaped teeth, and the latter can give rise to these uneven spaces in your mouth. These gaps, while appearing unaesthetic on the surface, are extremely susceptible to food and plaque build-up too. If this is left unaddressed, tooth decay, gingivitis, and gum disease can manifest. If this is something you’re dealing with and looking to address it, inquire about cosmetic dentistry in Grande Prairie today.

How Can You Fix Black Holes/Triangle Closures?

Treatment options for teeth gaps or black holes are offered by dentists near you. These remedies include receiving veneers, dental crowns, gum surgery, or consulting an orthodontist for more specialized care. Keep in mind that, depending on the health of your teeth and the specific procedure that is needed, this process may be costly. Restorative and cosmetic dentistry are services designed to improve the health of your teeth and your overall oral health, as well as give you the confidence you deserve to show off your unique, beautiful smile. Call or come into our clinic and talk to our dentists in Grande Prairie for a consultation today!