Common Dental Concerns For People Over 50

Common Dental Concerns For People Over 50

Due to the availability of high-quality dental hygiene care in Grande Prairie, people are increasingly keeping their natural teeth as they age. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t still dental and oral health concerns that you need to be aware of and take steps to prevent. Stay astute, and you’ll be able to keep your natural teeth for a long time to come.

Some common dental concerns that we see at our Grande Prairie dental clinic in people over 50 include:


Cavities and tooth decay can happen at any stage of life. As the protective enamel covering a tooth thins with age and a tooth’s roots become more exposed, the tooth then becomes more susceptible to cavities and bacterial infection. Practicing good brushing and flossing techniques and seeing your dentist for regular cleanings are important habits for preventing cavities.

Gum disease

Age can increase your chances of developing gum disease, as plaque has simply had more time to build up on the gum line. The early stages of gum disease are typically characterized by tender, swollen, red, and bleeding gums. As it progresses into periodontitis, the teeth can become loose and even fall out. Thankfully, when caught early, gum disease can be slowed and even reversed.

Dry mouth

Many people over 50 begin to experience dry mouth even if it was never a common problem for them before. Not only is dry mouth uncomfortable, but it can contribute to other oral health concerns as well. There are numerous possible reasons for decreased saliva production, including illness, smoking, or the taking of certain medications.

Crowded teeth

Just as saliva production can change over time, teeth can shift as your oral structures change shape and size. In older adults, this shifting usually results in teeth becoming too crowded. Crowded teeth are more likely to develop concerns as they are more difficult to properly brush and floss.

Oral cancer

Age also increases the chances of developing oral cancer, especially in individuals who also smoke tobacco or regularly consume alcohol. Early diagnosis can make a crucial difference in the progression and outcome of oral cancer. Your Grande Prairie dentist will have the knowledge and training to spot signs of oral cancer early, which may include ulcers, lumps, and white or red patches on the mouth or tongue.

Treatment and Prevention at Your Grande Prairie Dental Clinic

The key to keeping these and other dental concerns at bay as you get older is to practice good dental hygiene at home and keep scheduling routine dental visits at Grande Prairie dental clinic. Your dentist will be able to keep your teeth healthy and spot signs of trouble early on.

Gateway Dentistry Group in Grande Prairie provides dental hygiene services tailored to your needs at any age. From filling cavities to offering you solutions for dry mouth, our dentists will make sure you are well taken care of. Book your appointment with Gateway Dentistry Group today to see how we can help you invest in your oral care.

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