Gateway Dentistry Group

Dentist for Special Needs


When you visit Gateway Dentistry Group in Grande Prairie, you’ll find a team of dentists whose professionalism is matched only by their care for each patient they treat. We don’t believe it’s enough to just take care of dental issues and offer orthodontic treatment. Instead, we create a safe, comfortable and inviting space for every patient and family that comes through our doors. This includes all patients, even those with special needs.

If you have a special needs member in your family, you may have experienced difficulty finding dental care that will provide treatment for your whole family in the past. This will not be the case with Gateway Dentistry Group. We’ve taken the steps to ensure our offices are accessible and our dentists are equipped to care for everyone.

Wheelchair Accessible Dental Office

At Gateway Dentistry Group, you will not have to worry about whether or not there is enough space to maneuver a wheelchair around. Our property is fully accessible, including ample parking lots and disabled parking spaces.

We also have an elevator in the building and rooms that are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair. In the event of a wheelchair being unable to fit inside a room, we provide use of the OR suite.

Anaesthesia to Aid Anxiety

We understand that a trip to the dentist can be a stressful experience, particularly for patients who may struggle with anxiety. For this reason, we offer anaesthesia in the surgical suite to help calm patients down and minimize any potential stress or nerves.

Anxiety is not a patient’s fault, and it shouldn’t result in a negative dentistry experience. We’ll do whatever we can to bring a smile, assuage any fears and help create an anxiety-free visit.

Patience With Patients

One of the biggest ways we’ve found to help create a positive experience for special needs patients is simply taking the time to work with them and pinpoint what they need most. When you visit us at Gateway Dentistry Group, you will never find a cookie-cutter solution. Our dentists tailor and customize treatment plans to each individual, including our special needs patients. This willingness to invest time and offer patience has led to better results for the whole family.

In addition, our special needs dentistry means we are committed to treating the whole family. We know it is more convenient and time-efficient for you to have the whole family treated by the same dentist. We will always work to provide this option for your family and find solutions that work for everybody.

Find Dental Care for the Whole Family at Gateway Dentistry Group

Since opening our doors in 2008, we’ve been committed to providing the highest quality of dental care to patients in the Grande Prairie area. We would love to provide treatment that will keep your whole family wearing their healthiest, happiest smiles.

Having a special needs family member should not prevent all of your family members from having convenient, reliable dental care in one spot. Contact Gateway Dentistry Group today with any questions or to set up your first appointment.

For more information and resources from the Canadian Dental Association can be found here.