Mouth Guards & Night Guards in Grande Prairie

Benefits of Mouth Guards
If you’ve ever participated in sports such as hockey, basketball, American football, lacrosse, etc., you understand the risk associated with playing, particularly as it pertains to head injuries. As such, purchasing a mouth guard prior to competition is commonly recommended. Why is that? Without a mouth guard in those sports, one runs the risk of:

  • Chipping one tooth or multiple teeth
  • Having one tooth or multiple teeth knocked out
  • Being exposed to a greater chance of suffering a concussion

Whether a hockey puck is slapped directly toward your face, you catch an inadvertent elbow or you’re involved in a similar scenario, the value of wearing a mouth guard comes in to play. We want to be safe while participating in athletic competition while also helping you keep your beautiful smile intact! Give us a call today to schedule an appointment to get fitted for a mouth guard in Grand Prairie!

Benefits of Night Guards

If you’ve ever noticed frequent headaches or a numb feeling in your head after waking up, you may be grinding/clenching your teeth throughout the night, which is a condition referred to as bruxism. In the short-term it’s not a very worrisome matter, but it can cause extensive dental damage in the long-run if you don’t consult Gateway Dentistry Group about getting fitted for a night guard in Grande Prairie. Among the benefits of wearing a night guard are:

  • Less tension and pain
  • It will save you money in the long run by avoiding expensive high end dental treatments to repair the damage
  •  may Prevents snoring

It’s never too late to protect your teeth with a night guard. Call Gateway Dentistry Group today to schedule an appointment to get fitted for a night guard in Grande Prairie!

Out-of-Town Surgery Patients

For those patients travelling from out of town, we would like to make your appointment easier. We suggest you print off the following items and bring them with you:

Should you have any questions, please contact our office.

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