Dental Emergency Services in Grande Prairie

Who can you turn to when you need a dentist right away because of a dental emergency? Look no further than Gateway Dentistry Group, your dentist for dental emergency services in Grande Prairie. Whether it’s a chipped tooth, lost filling or any other immediate dental problem, we will see you at our office for dental services right away. Additionally, we will answer all of your questions and educate you on your short-term and long-term treatment options.

Dental Emergency Prevention in Grande Prairie

Proper Oral Hygiene
While certain dental emergencies are unavoidable, some can possibly be prevented. Perhaps the most common is the common toothache. A number of people will complain of a mild to severe toothache that could have been easily prevented with proper oral hygiene on a daily basis. Remember, it’s extremely important to carefully and thoroughly brush and floss your teeth daily with proper technique. Doing so will greatly reduce your risk of developing harmful cavities, tooth decay and gum disease, which are all common causes of severe toothaches.

Mouth Guards
Another common cause of dental emergencies is suffering a blow to the face during participation in contact sports. In a large percentage of those instances, the individual in question typically failed to wear a mouth guard to properly protect his/her teeth. The most common end result is suffering a chipped tooth or having a tooth or multiple teeth completely knocked out. Wearing a mouth guard while participating in contact sports will greatly reduce the risk of chipping or losing your teeth.

However, if you do experience dental trauma, please call so we can get you in for dental emergency services at our Grande Prairie office.

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